Electrical Design Services

Receive innovative electrical system design services to prepare for a system update or new installation. At ICA Engineering, we offer a range of 2D and 3D rendering services using multiple software platforms. Discover how a leading team of technical specialists can help you prepare for an optimized electrical system installation.

Our Electrical Design Services

We create designs and specifications for both AC and DC circuits. These circuit designs are critical for updating your control panel or preparing to install a new panel. If your existing wiring isn’t suitable for your proposed panel design, we help you prepare for your new process with innovative infrastructure design services.

Connect with ICA Engineering to receive one or more of these electrical design services:

  • Instrument wiring diagrams
  • Electric motor design
  • Cable and conduit routing and schedule
  • Raceway collision avoidance and detection
  • Cable sizing and optimization
  • BIM services
  • Pre-construction engineering
  • MCC design

These are just a few examples of the services we offer to create an efficient electrical design for your facility. Our goals for your project include reducing turnaround time, reducing costs, maximizing efficiency, and preparing for future expansion or alteration projects.

We work with you to create a fully realized pre-construction design to prepare for electrical installation. These plans include full details regarding conduit selection, cable sizing, short circuit analysis, and best-fit models for confined installation spaces.

We use building information modeling (BIM) methodology in all of our electrical design projects. This ensures a virtual rendering reflects real-world environmental issues, like other wires and obstacles, to promote an efficient installation process.

BIM designs offer a collaborative workflow experience. At ICA Engineering, we build BIM designs on the foundation of our D4 Full Lifecycle Methodology. This four-phase process starts with defining the current and future project requirements. We then design an optimized solution and develop an approach to acquisition, integration, and fabrication. Finally, we deliver the installation, commissioning, support, and training necessary to see your project fully realized.

State-of-the-Art Software

Leverage our intuitive software to ensure proper clearances before you begin installation. Using BIM models and state-of-the-art software, our team can identify any design conflicts, collisions, errors, or other issues before contractors begin the installation process. Clear communication and coordination starts with certified plant designs and a talented team of technical specialists.

Our innovative design software offers the following benefits:

  • 2D and 3D rendering capabilities
  • Improved design accuracy
  • Automated data extraction
  • Intuitive collision detection
  • Isometric electrical drawing views
  • Routing, scheduling, sizing, and best-fit modeling

Receive files in AutoCAD or Navisworks for easy access and transmission to relevant parties. Discuss file options if your company typically works with another program to see how we can help you access files and pass them onto contractors.

Automated data extraction makes it easy to pass relevant information to necessary contractors and employees. A facility-wide electrical design is a massive logistical undertaking, but our easy-to-understand designs reduce confusion and automate the data extraction process.

Speak With an Electrical Design Consultant Today

Launch a panel design or facility update project with an award-winning team of engineers and technical specialists. Contact us at ICA Engineering to speak with an electrical design consultant to discuss your electrical design goals.