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Assessing Emerging Trends in Ransomware Cybercrime

While ransomware is not a novel form of cybercrime, the rapid uptick in frequency and severity of attacks is a trend business owners should be aware of -- and alarmed by. Ransomware as a Service (RaaS) gives cybercriminals access to ransomware for a flat monthly fee, one-time license fee, profit-sharing model, or affiliate program.

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5 Best Practices for Industrial Network Security in the IIoT Era

Learn how to keep your IIoT devices and networks safe from malicious actors using these five tips and best practices. Read More:

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The Value of Disaster Recovery Plans for Industrial Automation Cyberattacks

In this article, we’ll discuss why industrial automation programs need a disaster recovery plan for cyberattacks, as well as a few tips and best practices for how to create a cyber disaster recovery plan.

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Does Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Help Network Security?

The key to IIoT safety over the long term will be in the understanding and rigorous application of core security standards across the systems, software, hardware, and components that make up these networks

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Industrial Automation Disaster Recovery Plans

In this article, we’ll investigate the impact of physical disasters on industrial automation programs, as well as a few tips and best practices for creating your own disaster recovery plan.

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Why Remote Access Security is Essential for your Business

Whether employees use company-provided equipment or their own devices, the threat of cybersecurity breaches are now increasingly present. There is a common misconception amongst companies that remote access creates greater vulnerability to attack — however, remote network and internet access is utterly vital in today’s digitized business landscape. Rather than regress, then, organizations should strategize to determine the most optimal way to implement remote access within an infrastructure safeguarded with layers of security.

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The Future of Remote Monitoring in Industrial Automation

Remote monitoring is a way to track and log the performance of industrial automation in real-time; this article explains why remote monitoring is such a crucial component in effective industrial automation and what we expect to see from it as we move into the future.

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Cybersecurity Lessons Learned for Industrial Automation Leaders

The recent Colonial Pipeline attack has highlighted for industrial automation leaders the need for improved cybersecurity, enhanced authentication measures, and back-office monitoring for infrastructure security.

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Securing Industrial Control Systems in the Emerging Digital Environment

Industrial cybersecurity needs to be specialized to deal with the unique vulnerabilities of industrial control systems (ICS) and the industrial internet of things (IIoT).

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