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ICA – Custom Software Development Services

Dependable equipment operation requires innovative software solutions. At ICA Engineering, we offer custom software development services to power your automated equipment and keep your facility moving forward. Discover how our software engineers can assist you with developing the right software for your specific application.

Our Custom Software Development Solutions

Other custom software development companies may offer you software and systems design, but our team uses an innovative approach to ensure streamlined software development that meets your industry goals. Here are a few key ways we can enhance your facility and power your process:

  • User interface design
  • Servo motion control
  • PLC and HMI hardware and software matching
  • Equipment system control with direct I/O point control

Tailor your software to your specific application requirements. If you need to optimize your automation in a manufacturing setting, our engineers and technical specialists can assist you with this process.

We can also improve user interface design as part of panel design or wireless communication technology. Access equipment and applications through your handheld device for effective monitoring and convenient control. The right software makes it easy to communicate with your equipment and extract data in a convenient, manageable way.

Take advantage of the Industrial Internet of Things with real-time monitoring and communication using a wearable or handheld device. Work with our team to design and optimize effective software that allows easy access without compromising your cybersecurity.

Programming Language and Hardware Platform Capabilities 

Custom software application development requires industry-leading experience in multiple programming languages and hardware platforms. At ICA Engineering, we can work with you to create solutions in these program languages.

  • IEEE Ladder Logic
  • Structured Text
  • Function Block Diagram
  • Sequential Function Chart
  • SQL
  • Python
  • HTML 5
  • SQL
  • C/C++
  • XML
  • And more


Our expert team has the programming knowledge and experience you need for tailor-made solutions in your facility. Depending on your situation, we can choose the optimal programming language for your system or develop software using the existing program language of your system. For hardware platforms, ask about the following options:

  • Intel/AMD based Processors
  • Allen Bradley ControlLogix,CompactLogix, Micro800, PLC-5, SLC-500, PanelView
  • GE/Emerson RX3i, RX7i, 90-30, 90-70, Genius
  • Siemens S7-1200, S7-1500, S7-300, S7-400, S7-200
  • TI/Siemens 505 Series
  • Modicon Quantum, Twido, 984
  • Automation Direct
  • Mitsubishi 
  • Mission Communications
  • And more


Software Platforms

  • Inductive Automation Ignition
  • Rockwell FactoryTalk View, Historian 
  • WonderWare InTouch, Application Server, Historian, 
  • GE Cimplicity HMI, iFix
  • And more


The specific hardware platform and programming language used varies depending on your current setup and your goals. New software needs to successfully communicate with legacy panels and equipment, while still offering you modern control, communication, and data collection techniques.

The ICA Engineering Approach to Software Development

As a leading custom software development firm, we’re committed to improving operational efficiency. Personalized software should create more accurate data, reduce downtime, and increase productivity in your facility.

We achieve these benefits through our D4 approach, which includes the following phases:

  1. Define the requirements
  2. Design an optimized solution
  3. Develop a comprehensive system
  4. Deliver results

With custom software development, the results you can expect include fewer resources required to manage data, fewer order fulfillment issues, and improved precision in your manufacturing equipment. Whether you need to replace your paper-based work-order management system or update your servo motion control, it’s time to optimize your software.

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