Control Systems Integration

As technology becomes increasingly complex, your company will require the tools and services to meet changing demands. At ICA Engineering, we provide comprehensive system integration controls for every significant aspect of your operation. We recognize that an optimized control system safeguards your projects against the most unexpected crises. Our team specializes in PLC/HMI PLC-based SCADA, and DCS batch control systems.

We serve as a trusted solutions provider that addresses all hardware and software requirements such as IQ, OQ, and PQ validation protocols. These solutions include electrical motor controls for integrated systems, managing system development life cycles, and assessing functional user requirements.

We serve clients in the following industries:

  • Food and beverage
  • Plastics and resins
  • Process and specialty chemicals
  • Water/wastewater
  • Powers and utilities
  • Packaging
  • Cosmetics and personal care industries

Why Choose ICA Engineering?

ICA Engineering is an experienced company with over 60 years of collective industry expertise. We provide the highest standards in control systems integration, covering every step necessary in keeping your systems functioning in top order. Our seamless integration techniques enable shorter lead times and consistent system performance.

Our practices align with the latest CSIA (Control System Integrators Association) standards toward shaping the most effective and safest industry operations.

Our control system integration services include:

Control System Design

We apply the latest industry methods in developing the most suitable specifications and configurations to meet the specific needs of your integrated control systems. Our team has the technology and on-ground expertise to handle the most complex control system designs in setting up multiple reliable and robust controls.

Our team offers detailed support through 7 stages in the system design process, across three categories that include:

-Identifying specifications, goals, and values for control systems,

-Modeling and defining the system,

-Proceeding with the design and testing it with simulation and analysis.

Assembly and Fabrication 

Our experts offer flexible, customized fabrication options always delivered on time. We will work closely with your supply chain, fulfilling all specifications and requirements outlined in your project guidelines. Our machines undergo regular inspection and maintenance to keep them functioning at optimal standards to deliver the best quality every time.

Field Installation

We offer a comprehensive range of field installations according to your project needs. These include on-site orbital weld installations, repair and maintenance, and the resolution of various hardware issues from start to finish with the safest industry practices. ICA Engineering applies the latest SCADA applications and PLC control systems running with Modbus protocols.

PLC Programming 

ICA Engineering’s certified team of experts has handled PLC programming across multiple platforms such as the Allen Bradley PLC software. We provide a wide range of related services that optimizes your PLC programming according to project requirements, such as operational reporting, motion system integrations, and SCADA/IIoT integrations.

Practical uses of PLC programming include PLC water level control systems, PLC-based elevator control systems, and PLC-based temperature-controlled systems.

HMI Systems 

We can assemble, manage, and service human-machine interface (HMI) systems to keep your systems running without delay or downtime. Our team will address your operational needs to establish the most suitable HMI infrastructure while monitoring system health with advanced life cycle support programs.

Our experts have the relevant experience to set up PLC HMI programming that provides teams with greater convenience and efficiency over their control processes.

Start-Up and Commissioning 

We recognize that start-up and commissioning processes are a vital part of the design/build process. Therefore, our team will work with a detailed, customized checklist based on your specific operational needs, working closely with the information provided in the various project phases.

Our experts will streamline the collaborative process by categorizing data from P&ID drawings into areas such as piping and equipment. We will then proceed to arrange a convenient schedule to ensure that your operation runs as planned. Our team conducts sessions with debriefing practices to keep every member of your team thoroughly informed of the latest observations.

The seasoned ICA Engineering team dedicates thousands of professional hours per year to handling start-up processes, significantly reducing the risks of hazardous and costly equipment failures in your projects.

Engineering Information Management 

Our team will streamline and optimize your EIM (Engineering Information Management) systems. We will work closely with your team to reduce the factors contributing to system downtime, enhancing profitability, and mitigating the most widespread industry risks. With well-established EIM practices, you can better manage and implement changes for the best financial and legal outcomes.

Reach out to a member of the award-winning ICA Engineering team to learn more about our services or request a quote to optimize your operations.