Automated Business Designs

Overcome automation challenges with holistic, automated business designs with help from ICA Engineering. Discover how you can improve system efficiency and conduct both short- and long-term system reviews with our automation and control system design services offered by experienced technical specialists.

Holistic Design Approach

Work with a single team to receive comprehensive design strategies and solutions. At ICA Engineering, our highly skilled engineers and technical specialists offer complete design solutions for control system integration. Receive design and installation support for your instrumentation, controls, and electrical systems.

A critical component of our holistic approach is the D4 Full Lifecycle Methodology. This four-phase process includes defining, designing, developing, and delivering support. The goal is to reduce downtime, increase productivity, and increase operational efficiency in your automation.

We design automation controls system hardware to match your preferred document formats and equipment suppliers. Here are a few examples of hardware solutions we offer:

  • System development life cycle SDLC
  • DCS and PLC-based control systems
  • S88 batch control systems
  • SCADA process control systems
  • HMI systems

A comprehensive design starts with your existing automation design and your process goals. Our approach focuses on the big picture of your process goals, then targets specific automation challenges before developing solutions.

Optimized Process

Why invest in automation design from our award-winning team? At ICA Engineering, we help you reduce errors and optimize your process with expert automation panel design. Don’t let an underperforming electrical system or obsolete control panel affect your automation system reliability, but work with our team to create and implement an effective solution.

We approach the process by looking for ways to achieve optimal functionality, cost, and safety. These factors affect the hardware and software decisions made throughout the process.

Another key component of an optimized process is safety. Many end-users wait to consider safety until after the primary control functions have been decided, but we integrate safety specifications and objectives into our holistic approach.

Short- and Long-Term Automation System Review

Are you reaching your short- and long-term design automation objectives? An independent team of technical specialists can help you take an in-depth look at your automation system. Take advantage of the latest hardware and software innovations with our electronic design automation services.

We work with a variety of industries in the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond. Consider a review of your system and a holistic approach to your automation design for your company in one of these industries:

  • Biotechnology
  • Materials handling
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Wastewater filtering
  • Waste recycling
  • Power plant solutions
  • Packaging
  • Food and beverage manufacturing

A short-term review may highlight immediate requirement analysis and instrumentation selection as part of your automated system. Long-term objectives could include facility-wide hardware upgrades and overall equipment efficiency recommendations.

Partner With Automation Design Experts at ICA Engineering

Discuss your automated systems design with our team today to find holistic solutions tailored to your industry. Contact us at ICA Engineering to schedule a consultation and learn more about our system design approach.