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Securing Industrial Control Systems in the Emerging Digital Environment

Industrial cybersecurity needs to be specialized to deal with the unique vulnerabilities of industrial control systems (ICS) and the industrial internet of things (IIoT).

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Food and Beverage Processing and Packaging Automation Trends

The demand for automation by food manufacturers increased by 56% during 2020, according to information from the Robotic Industries Association and Association for Advancing Automation. We’ve picked out five emerging trends in the food and beverage industry that show how effective automation and robotics are right now.

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Boosting Operational Efficiency for Javan Engineering

ICA Engineering leverages their in-depth knowledge of Javan Engineering’s systems to provide automation expertise, boosting operational efficiency.

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Essentials of Cybersecurity for Industrial Automation and Control Environments

In view of ever-increasing cyber-attacks of all types, securing industrial control systems is every bit as important as securing other types of corporate data networks. Today's IT and operational staff must cooperate to protect automation and control environments from cybersecurity threats by becoming familiar with the implementation of cybersecurity strategies and/or partnering with an experienced cybersecurity company.

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What COVID – 19 Has Taught Us About Access and Security in the World of Industrial Automation

The COVID-19 pandemic has served as a catalyst steering technological advancement across nearly all industries. In this article, we’ll explore five lessons from the pandemic that can help organizations implement industrial automation strategies for the future.

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What is IIoT and Why Is It Critical to the Future of Industrial Automation?

IIoT is expected to play a critical role in the future of industrial automation. In this article, we’ll examine the ways that IIoT can bring transformative benefits to businesses ranging from cosmetics, packaging, and pharmaceuticals to personal care and food and beverages.

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How Future Trends and Expanding Requirements in the Wastewater Industry Will Impact Operators

Wastewater treatment technology is evolving to give operators the tools they need to address emerging challenges in this new era.

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Reinventing the Future of Systems Integration

Systems integrators are finding new ways to support industries in their current operations as well as in the move to embrace more advanced technologies.

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The Challenges Facing Systems Integrators in the Modern Era

With the advent of smart factories, AI, and intelligent automation, how will systems integrators continue to provide a compelling return on investment?

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