ICA Engineering’s President, Joe Stevenson, has a wide range of experience within the engineering and project management industries. After graduating from Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey with a Bachelor of Engineering, he began his career at International Flavors and Fragrances. Joe later moved to Fragrance Resources where he worked as an engineer, helping the company reduce waste and improve efficiency by managing batch distillations and reactions.

Once Joe had gained enough expertise in the fragrance industry, he felt it was time for a change and moved to the industrial gas sector. His first opportunity within this sector was through the British Oxygen Company in the Automation and Controls Group, where he dealt with the cryogenic and non-cryogenic separation of industrial gases. Joe excelled in this position, and as a result, was transferred to project management for a group specializing in developing nitrogen generators for the Japanese electronics market.

Two and a half years later, Joe made a move up to Buffalo from New Jersey for a new position at RJ O´Mara (now OMARA Engineering PC), an engineering and consulting firm. His strong knowledge of engineering allowed him to work on projects for Praxair, as well as manage controls for a facility in Texas.

Joe’s ambition inspired another move, this time to Pennsylvania, where he spent three and a half years at Air Products within the process systems group. He worked cross-functionally with automation engineers as well as the process engineering team to create a scale-up.

Joe’s last position before founding ICA Engineering was at ASECO Integrated Systems Ltd., where he was given the opportunity to be Lead Engineer in the New Jersey office. For eight years, he worked closely with the Canadian office across multiple industries. In September 2008, Joe left ASECO and founded ICA Engineering in January 2009.

Today, ICA Engineering is based in Union, New Jersey, and has partnered with companies such as Kraft and American Water, to name a few. They employ six full-time staff and five contractors and have successfully completed over 125 projects across the U.S.